Thing were quiet ’til 2016.

The Mrs and i decided we need to see Tasmania. So, we did this in 2016.

*** insert light bulb noise ***

We did a wine tour up North through the Tamar Valley. It wasn’t necessarily the wine that i loved about this tour, it was the way the cellar door attendants spoke to me. Something about the dialogue, the expressions, a whole new way of looking at wine completely floored me. This will sound silly, but a new world opened up before me.

…and that’s pretty much where we are now.

I have a mission. The mistakes of 2013 will forever haunt me, but i’m determined to make up for it. I need to taste, to discuss, to savour. I need to taste my way around the world. I must have my redemption one way or another. One way i intend on doing this is just talking about something i have grown to love, and that is where this blog comes in.

There will be cellar door discussions, wine tasting notes, discussions about grapes and so much more.

This is my wine place.

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